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Dasha Borysov

Creative Strategy Director, Fetch

Dasha is a global strategist who steers creative strategy and thought leadership at Fetch. As someone who has lived in no less than 8 countries and has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Toronto she is particularly well positioned to explore the extraordinary diversity of the human mind and build brand stories which create a true impact. She also spent years as a market researcher in the US and her insights have impacted some of the world’s most iconic brands throughout her career, including Campbell’s Soup ”It’s amazing what soup can do” and Dubai Tourism’s “The Spirit of Dubai” amongst others. She’s also worked on Ford, Gillette, Lowe’s, Rogaine, UbyKotex and K-Y Jelly, during previous gigs at BBDO NY, Havas NY and GTB London. As such, Dasha is passionate about applying the meticulous rigour of a researcher to her lifelong passion of storytelling.

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