Lydia Amoah

Black Pound Author & Business Coach

Lydia Amoah is an award-winning Business Coach, TV presenter and Inspirational speaker who has helped thousands of people transform their lives and businesses. Her clients have included the BBC, ITV, Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, Channel 4 and the Daily Telegraph. She has taken part in panel discussions at events for Ernst & Young and the Bank of Ireland and is a respected speaker.

Lydia is also a researcher. She pioneered and authored The Black Pound Report, which explores the experiences and the spending power of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic consumers in the UK and how these communities are overlooked and miss-represented in our current advertising landscape.

Lydia is the Learning and Cross-Cultural Director at Creative Equals, an agency who’s ethos is built upon,  diverse teams = diverse work  = diverse audiences. They give the Creative Industry their roadmap to an inclusive, creative and profitable future.

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