Mark Cross

Engagement Director, JICMAIL

As a leading practitioner of strategic change projects across business and marketing challenges with a track record in both the public and private sectors, Mark has been Engagement Director for JICMAIL, the currency for the mail industry, since June 2018.

He continues to work across sectors including with an AI start up, Texture AI, which applies cognitive intelligence to communications.

Previously, Mark worked for twenty five years in the agency sector, including at the PHD Group, sitting on the IPA’s Media Futures Group for a number of years and representing the IPA as a BARB board director. He also helped the IPA launch and establish the IPA TouchPoints Survey before moving into government as the COI’s Communications Planning Director – where he led and developed government’s strategic planning, evaluation and media capability.

Mark is a Fellow of the IPA and an advisor to OmniGov, the media buying agency for Government.