Rebecca Waring

VP Insight, Unruly

As someone who loves observing, analysing and diving deep into a topic, research was always going to be perfect field for Rebecca Waring, VP Insight at Unruly. With a talent for choreographing data coming up with original angles and techniques, Rebecca was naturally drawn to Unruly through its work with academia and in-house research projects.

Following graduation from Cambridge University, Rebecca joined measurement and analytics giant ComScore where she spent four years before moving to Microsoft and then Unruly in 2014. If there was one thing Rebecca could change about the industry, it would be to push for more campaigns to be measured holistically across different channels. Rebecca loves to spend time with clients and work with them to deliver creative, original and effective video advertising. She’s been published in Adweek and WARC, and has presented on stage at numerous industry events.

When she isn’t wrestling with research, Rebecca enjoys yoga and dancing, not simultaneously.