Adam Ross

Content Lead, Coca-Cola

Adam Ross was appointed as the Content Lead for Coca-Cola South Pacific in July last year, where he is responsible for the creation and delivery of strategy, ideas and concepts across their brands.

It is his first client-side role having spent 15 years in agencies where he brought award-winning strategic and creative thinking to a wide range of the most recognized brands in the world.

He started his career as a strategist tackling knife crime and gun crime for the Metropolitan Police, which is where he really learned the power of creativity in capturing attention from people hell bent on ignoring you.

From there, he went on to lead strategy across a range of brands including Kellogg, Diageo, Land Rover, Nike, American Express and Unilever.

In 2010, he set up and led a bespoke “Co-Creation” team within a media agency, dedicated to unlocking new ways to create impact for brands.

Joining Mindshare’s national leadership team, he was responsible for driving creative thinking through the agency and developed and trained an Applied Creativity program in Australia and APAC.

In 2015 he was recognized as one of the top 30 emerging leaders in marketing in Australia by the Marketing Academy.
Most recently he was the Executive Creative Director at the projects*, leading the strategy, content, design and merchandise teams before going on to join Coca-Cola.