Mediatel’s one day Future of Brands conference launched very successfully in London in 2018, in association with Ebiquity; ran as a fore-runner to our Future TV Advertising conference in Toronto in September and is heading to Sydney in February 2019.

We will be picking up on the key issues facing brands in in this complex, digital world.

We are keen to explore the impact voice marketing will make over the next few years – very significant in the view of some; and we will look more broadly at marketing to machines.

We will hear case studies on the development of brand experiences, pulling together both offline and online examples; and explore the growth of social e-commerce.

With so many vying for the consumer’s attention in so many ways, loyalty marketing is taking on new emphasis. We will explore that, and the other possibility that you might be battling to deal with a loss of trust in your brand?

It’s no wonder in such a fast-moving world that marketers are starting to seek new and different agency relationships; and agencies in turn are keen to preserve their place at the table and extend their impact and influence where possible. We ask what agency models are coming to the fore and where the management consultancies sit in all this.

Future of Brands will also debate whether the influence of brands is disappearing from many purchase journeys in a marketplace increasingly run by algorithms, and how this might be countered. We aim to tackle AI, AR and VR making clear distinctions between the three.

And we will also examine marketing to and in China, with experts from the area.

Future of Brands is the go-to event for CMOs, agencies, senior media owners & tech companies, providing a full day of presentations, interviews and debates around all the key and most topical themes:

  • The Future of the Agency
  • Transparency and Data
  • The Importance of Customer Experience
  • Driving Digital Transformation for Brands
  • Brand Trust, Partnerships and Community – do you stand for something in the eyes of consumers?
  • Inspiring Growth through Creativity
  • Marketing to China